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place Chicago, Illinois, USA
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A Red Orchid Theatre is an ensemble of artists dedicated to the proliferation of live theatre in the modern world. We believe that theatre is the greatest sustenance for the human spirit and approach our work with a palpable sense of social compassion, aesthetic rigor, and honesty. By presenting new plays from all over the world and by reviving insightful works from the past that bear new relevance today, we aim to seek out and build new audiences for the modern stage.

What We Do

A Red Orchid Theatre is distinguished by our talented Ensemble and a reputation for pushing the boundaries of live theatre within our intimate, 70-seat house. Since its founding in 1993, the art produced on stage and the collaborative spirit of our Ensemble of actors, directors, writers, and designers have remained pivotal in shaping the organization. Each season we typically mount three plays whose design, staging, and direction are skillfully crafted and immersive and entertain more than 7,000 patrons annually. Of our 80 productions to date, more than half have been world, U.S., or Chicago premieres. This work has been recognized with 49 Jeff nominations and 11 JEFF Awards, and our Ensemble artists have been recognized with some of the highest honors in theatre.

As one of Chicago's leading storefront theatre companies, A Red Orchid is known for our fearless approach to performance and design in the service of intimate stories. Our thought-provoking work often questions what it means to be human, asking our audiences to confront sometimes uncomfortable truths with compassion for the characters, themselves, and others. With rigorous inquiry, we deliver productions that deeply connect, ignite passion, and inspire reflection by holding a mirror to life. We dare ourselves to deliver timely, provocative, and powerful productions that take audiences to places others can't or won't.

The size of our theatre allows our patrons to experience their impact on a remarkably personal, uncommonly intimate scale. Live performance assumes a different power in a space like ours--a house where eye contact is made and human connection can carry directly from stage. The proximity of the audience to actors allows our productions to hold tension and bring viewers not just to the edge of our set and their seats, but into a truly transformative experience.


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