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Saul G.


ThinkImpact builds social businesses to alleviate poverty in rural Kenya and South Africa. We aim for our alumni to become America’s next generation of entrepreneurs, policymakers, CEOs and philanthropists who view development differently: with more critical thinking, creativity and commitment.

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Feb 19, 2012


Christina N.



What did Christina have to offer?

As a student and young professional I had multiple opportunities to live abroad, make cross-cultural connections with other students and professionals, and contribute to local communities. I have worked with migrant children in Beijing, taught English to university students southern China, and worked in a newsroom in the Philippines. Now, working in Washington, DC, I see a difference between people who have spend significant, quality time in another culture, and those who have not. The young professionals I meet who have engaged with and deeply understand another culture think differently about how to solve problems and offer innovative solutions. I am also passionate about working with an organization that seeks to find community-based, sustainable solutions to poverty. For the past year and a half, I have worked on the communications team at the US-China Business Council. In the past I was a local news reporter and editor, which gave me insight into the types of stories a local media outlet would cover. I am also passionate about global engagement. I spent more than three years in Asia as a student, teacher, journalist, and volunteer coordinator, and understand the importance of an organization like ThinkImpact.


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