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See how Alex W. helped 5 Pound Apparel on a Motion Graphics Video project

Bryan S
Bryan S.
Owner at 5 Pound Apparel
Alex W.
Matched on
Apr 23, 2012
Hours Given
90 Hours
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What did 5 Pound Apparel need?

Alex helped 5 Pound Apparel

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Bryan S
Bryan S.
Owner at 5 Pound Apparel
Cause Areas
Health & Nutrition
International Affairs
5 Pound Apparel
Springfield, Missouri, USA

What did Alex have to offer?


Photography & Video
  • At least 3 years of experience in motion graphic design
  • Experience with storyboarding, audio, creative development and script-writing
  • Proficiency with Adobe After Effects
  • AW
    Alex W.
    None, USA

    About 5 Pound Apparel

    We are a social enterprise in Springfield, Missouri. Our brand, 5 Pound Apparel, provides five pounds of food and nutritional treatment to malnourished children in Nepal - a donation equaling 50% of our profits. Every brand we carry provides some sort of aid to people in need.
    Fun Fact

    Fun Fact

    This is the 1st project posted by 5 Pound Apparel .

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