See how Ryan's skills helped Youth for Debate on a Vision and Mission Review project.

James F.

Youth for Debate

To bring public speaking and debate education to public high and middle schools in order to promote transferrable confidence, critical thinking, positive self-expression, and academic engagement. We want to give students the tools they need to be their own strongest advocate.

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Feb 16, 2012


Ryan M.


I'm an analytical and people-oriented professional that has been working in finance for almost five years. I'm looking for opportunities to make a positive impact with the skills I've gained from my education, investment banking and venture capital, along with the innate attributes of my persona...
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What did Ryan have to offer?

In public high school in Minnesota, Forensics was actually my main extracurricular activity. Although I wasn't involved with Debate, I was in Speech for four years and was the first-ever two-year captain of the nationally competitive Eastview Speech Team. (My favorite category was Creative Expression, in which we crafted and developed our own speeches.) It greatly contributed to who I am now. I've seen the personal and educational benefits of Forensics, and they hold a place close to my heart. I hope you'll consider me a strong candidate for this opportunity. If chosen, I look forward to aiding you in developing powerful, focused and concise vision and mission for spreading Debate to students in middle and high schools around the nation that need it. Hi! I'm currently an Associate at a non-profit venture capital firm in NYC. I'm very interested in this opportunity, and I believe I'm qualified based on my experience. I've spent almost five years in positions that involve advising and interacting with companies. I worked three years in investment banking after graduating from Duke with an Economics degree. At Deutsche Bank I was party to a number of advisory and growth transactions with large corporations. The most recent years have been at a venture capital firm in which I've been interacting with companies’ management on a regular basis and a part of strategic discussions with a number of start-ups. Additionally, I've been active in the social enterprise entrepreneurial community in NYC and have advised friends and colleagues on their business plans and visions. Lastly I’ve been a recurring VC judge for three non-profit business plan competitions, in which I rate and give feedback on start-up businesses.


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