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Carolyn D.

Uplift Alliance

The mission of Uplift Alliance is to protect earth’s natural resources in partnership with the world’s airlines by administering a distinctive program to engage and inspire the public. This project will have global impact with immediate scalability due to the nature of the industry. Our vision is...
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Oct 7, 2011


Tara B.


Hello! I am a recent law school graduate who specialized in (loves) trademark, copyright, technology, media, marketing and branding. I would love to help out any organization that needs help in these areas and others related.

What did Tara have to offer?

This is a unique, original and frankly exiting idea on how to internationally connect protect natural resources. I am intrigued as to how Uplift plans on connecting through the airline industry and what actions and movements you will work to implement. I would love to use the knowledge acquired in law school and my work experiences to help build your brand as to your vision. Although I might not have the artistic background, I am quite attuned to the social and psychological power behind brands and extremely interested in building goodwill for an organization through the production of a strong brand. I am a law school grad who studied trademark and brand creation. I worked for a summer in the legal department of American Movie Classics and studied the creation of The Walking Dead. Further, I spent a summer researching marketing strategy at USA Network.


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