See how Sarah's skills helped Global Goods Partners on a Storytelling project.

Jennifer G.

Global Goods Partners

Global Goods Partners is a fair-trade, nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and promoting social justice by strengthening women-led development initiatives for marginalized communities in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It was founded in 2005 by Catherine Lieber Shimony and Joa...
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Oct 3, 2011


Sarah L.


I am a copywriter and a creative writer, with experience in a number of sectors, including journalism and policy research. As a copywriter, I've created work for companies in a wide range of industries, including Publishing, Professional Sports, Spirits, and Utilities. I've developed material f...
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What did Sarah have to offer?

Promoting local economies through engaging women-led initiatives in developing economies is excellent. I've been interested for quite some in the phenomenon of women in developing nations who create successful business. I think it's great to support these women as they rejuvenate their economies and help to usher in a new age of gender politics and heightened prosperity. With experience in advertising, journalism, and creative writing, I'm ideally suited to work on Storytelling projects. I know how to create a story that's simultaneously compelling and informative, and can tailor said narrative to fit the channel of the client's choosing. My experience in documentary journalism has given me the tool set to gather the information I need to make a story sing. My creative writing abilities allow me to craft a tale that entertains and enlightens. Finally, my training in advertising and marketing helps me step back, assess the final product, and make sure that the story will work in the environments the client intends to place it in and that it will achieve desired results.


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