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Chris T. is a new kind of philanthropy. Our mission is to create a more tangible approach to charity, so each donor can feel connected to the development process. Donors make contributions to projects they believe in, follow the story of each project as it progresses, and share the projec...
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Sep 16, 2011


Ellen S.



What did Ellen have to offer?

I have read through your website, and I am very impressed with how you have structured your organization. Your concept of offering the opportunity for donors to see how their money will help the cause is brilliant. It makes giving very personal, and it also demostrates a fiscal responsibility to both the cause you are helping and the donors who are giving. I already have a possible tagline for you: "Make a difference. See the difference." I do have some design skills and would like to be able to use them too. I will be happy to work on this project until you are happy with it. I look forward to finding out more about your organization and how I can help. I am a professional writer who has worked with a number of nonprofits, to help promote their causes. My background includes writing for newspaper and magazines, creating promotional materials including brochures, website content, press releases and other print materials (both the copy and the design), and establishing social media sites.


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