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The Offor Walker Group is an executive search firm committed to scouring the country for the best and brightest leaders who will take on key leadership roles in high-impact schools and school systems across the country.

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Sep 7, 2011


wesley h.



What did wesley have to offer?

Young people working with others to demand a better education for themselves and of themselves seems to me the key for the future. I am passionate about education reform from the ground up, and would love to use my oral history and storytelling skills to make success stories visible to a much wider public, to get more people passionately engaged in the movement for a quality education for all students, and to highlight good news (such leaders) instead of problems (we all know about the problems: who's working on solutions?) I want to learn more about this organization and what it is doing. The downside is location: I'm in Virginia, not New York. Would have to do a lot of interviews on Skype and that may be difficult for the organization logistically. I collect stories for a living and share them with others: I'm an oral historian. My first book was on the civil rights movement; now I'm working on a book about youth leaders making an impact on education, environment, school>prison pipeline, and immigration social justice. My first book, based on oral histories, won three national awards.


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