See how Zack's skills helped Sakhi for South Asian Women on a WordPress Blog project.

Shalini S.

Sakhi for South Asian Women

Sakhi for South Asian Women exists to end violence against women. We unite survivors, communities, and institutions to eradicate domestic violence as we work together to create strong and healthy communities. Sakhi uses an integrated approach that combines support and empowerment through service ...
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Sep 8, 2011


Zack B.


Zack Baddorf is a multimedia reporter and communications professional. Since 2001, he has filed for National Public Radio, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Radio France International, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Deutsche Welle Radio, Voice of America, Radio Netherlands Worldwide,...
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What did Zack have to offer?

I've got the time and resources to help build a site for Sakhi for South Asian Women. I also care deeply about women's rights issues. I have seen women in places like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and South Sudan who deserve education and human rights (like the right to work) as much as the men in these countries. As a reporter, I've reported on women's rights and have learned how difficult the lives of women can be in developing nations, including in South Asia. (I just studied Urdu for three months in Lucknow, India.) I've designed other WordPress blogs -- like (my site) and . I worked for a year as a social media expert and have been doing web work for more than 15 years now for non-profit organizations, businesses, and governmental organizations.


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