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Jennifer K
Jennifer K.
Managing Director
Adriel B
Adriel B.
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Sep 18, 2020
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2 Hours
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What did Essential Theatre, Inc want to talk about?

I'd like to learn more about how to use our email marketing service, SendGrid, including best use of lists vs segments, A/B testing, sender authentication and API vs marketing distinctions.

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Jennifer K
Jennifer K.
Managing Director
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Arts & Culture
Essential Theatre, Inc
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

What did Adriel have to offer?

I am a multi-disciplinary specialist providing strategic expertise across marketing, data, and industrial design. I thrive on creating solutions for efficient and effective decision making in high pressure environments.

My work experience ranges across marketing research and development, digital marketing strategy, product design, and content generation.

  • Experience in marketing strategy and ability to provide advice over the phone
Adriel B
Adriel B.
Denver, CO, USA

About Essential Theatre, Inc

Essential Theatre's mission is to nurture and produce new works by Georgia playwrights and to enrich our audience's experience by actively engaging them in the process. Our vision is a thriving, dynamic American theatre community in which Georgia playwrights are a recognized and celebrated part.
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Fun Fact

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