See how William's skills helped United Way Of Marquette County on a Social Media Starter Strategy project.

Andrew R.

United Way Of Marquette County

Bringing people, organizations and resources together to improve community well-being.

What did Andrew need?

By more efficiently and effectively reaching our community we can help more people

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Jun 30, 2020


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William M.


Billy Millman takes feet-on-the-ground eye-on-the-prize approach and is committed to providing businesses and organizations with service based on trust integrity and strategic partnerships Billy prides himself on flexibility working with each client to offer a customized approach that meets their...
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What did William have to offer?

Homelessness is close to my heart, I have friends who have homeless family members and it is heartbreaking. A home is a human right. I ran my own marketing company for the last 5 years before merging it with a larger group. I have years of experience consulting and training teams for social media, marketing, and business development.

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