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Tresor Nzengu M.

Tumaini Letu

We exist to: * to promote peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding and intercultural harmony between refugees and the host communities using artistic expression; * to provide opportunities for skills development through trainings and workshops; * to boost the economy of refugees in Malaw...
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What did Tresor need?

This project is important as it will help our organization's narrative as we need to tell our founding stories in way that will inspire and attract partners to join our mission.

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Jun 30, 2020


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Treika M.


I was recently introduced to Catchafire. I have been a stay-at-home mom since my triplet sons were born in 2003. Before that I worked for non-profits, finding creative ways to raise money for good causes. In my various roles, I worked with Board members and celebrities, volunteers and staff, a...
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What did Treika have to offer?

Thank you for requesting me! During my years working with non-profits, I have written many different types of letters and documents. My journalism degree ensures that I can communicate messages concisely and in a friendly, yet professional, way that is understandable to all readers.

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