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See how Ginson F. helped Self Love Beauty on an Audio Editing project

Lisa T
Lisa T.
Founder and CEO
Ginson F
Ginson F.
Matched on
Jun 30, 2020
Hours Given
20 Hours
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What did Self Love Beauty need?

Ginson helped Self Love Beauty turn a set of raw audio files into a final cut by editing, enhancing and compiling content into a deliverable optimized for email, the web or social media.

Why is this project important?

This project is important because it allows us to educate our audience more about mission around self-love and confidence. We would appreciate having an expert help us take this podcast to the next level.

This project will save us $3,002, allowing us to focus on sponsorships for our podcast and put this money toward our current programs.

Posted By
Lisa T
Lisa T.
Founder and CEO
Final Product
Photography / Video
Cause Areas
Women's Issues
Youth Development
Self Love Beauty
Midland, Michigan, USA

What did Ginson have to offer?

A professional with over 9 years of experience as a Composer / Audio Engineer with clients inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

Sound Editing
  • Experience in producing and editing audio editing
  • Experience with creative development and script writing
  • Access to sound editing software
Ginson F
Ginson F.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About Self Love Beauty

Self Love Beauty's (SLB) mission is to invest, impact and educate individuals on the importance of self-love and confidence in order to empower them to be the best versions of themselves.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

So far in 2020 we have impacted more than 400 people even with COVID-19 and have see an increase in their confidence, support system and social & emotional skills by 32%.

This is the 5th project posted by Self Love Beauty.

Total Saved

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