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Alexandra D
Alexandra D.
Director of Programming
Todd L
Todd L.
Matched on
Jun 30, 2020
Hours Given
2 Hours
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What did Urban Rivers want to talk about?

My organization is shifting our programming to be virtual. I want to brainstorm some different ideas and directions our organization could go with to create new programs or adapt our existing ones.

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Alexandra D
Alexandra D.
Director of Programming
Final Product
Phone Consultation
Cause Areas
Urban Rivers
San Francisco, California, USA

What did Todd have to offer?

I have worked remotely for years with different management structures in US, Asia and Europe. Currently reside in Chapel Hill, NC.

  • Experience managing remote staff, or working in a remote team structure
  • Experience or familiarity with current best-in-class chat, conferencing, and project management software
Todd L
Todd L.
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

About Urban Rivers

To transform urban rivers into urban wildlife sanctuaries, for the betterment of the people and wildlife that use them.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

This is the 19th project posted by Urban Rivers.

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