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See how Najah A. helped Baltimore Hunger Project on a (Short) Animation Creation project

Lynne K
Lynne K.
Executive Director
Najah A
Najah A.
Matched on
Jun 19, 2020
Hours Given
30 Hours
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What did Baltimore Hunger Project need?

Najah helped Baltimore Hunger Project freshen up their video content with professionally designed animations that help them convey their message.

Why is this project important?

We have many important pieces to our organization. One is the dignity and compassion with which we distribute our food bags. The other is the individually designed note of encouragement that goes inside each bag. For a few moments, the kids we support get to be just kids! Being able to share these pieces is invaluable.

This project will save us $4,212, allowing us to Use our limited funding for the purchase of food. We currently support 2300 children each week.

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Lynne K
Lynne K.
Executive Director
Final Product
Visual Design Assets
Cause Areas
Human Services
Baltimore Hunger Project
Cockeysville, Maryland, USA

What did Najah have to offer?

Hey, hey, I'm an animator with a love for 2d. I'm from Fort Hood, Texas but I spent most of my childhood in Vilseck, Germany. Due to the nomadic nature of my family's lifestyle, I quickly developed a taste for adventure and a passion for storytelling. This magical happenstance is what led me to strive for my B.F.A. in Animation with a minor in Sequential Art.

Graphic Design
Photography & Video
  • Experience with animation and a portfolio of samples
Najah A
Najah A.
Killeen, TX, USA

About Baltimore Hunger Project

Baltimore Hunger Project is dedicated to eliminating the growing problem of weekend childhood hunger by feeding bodies and minds. We are bridging the gap between Friday and Monday by consistently providing weekend food packages to children identified as food insecure, in a compassionate and dignified manner. We raise awareness about the effects of hunger by establishing partnerships with community members, other organizations, and decision makers.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

We are a grassroots volunteer based organization that I started in my home 5 years ago!

This is the 3rd project posted by Baltimore Hunger Project.

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