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Beryl D.

Solar Austin

Solar Austin's mission is to accelerate the transition to clean, renewable energy in Central Texas and to expand access to the benefits of solar to everyone to mitigate climate change, create a healthy community and support a strong local economy.

What did Beryl need?

Our mission statement has been inconsistent across Solar Austin's social media platforms and website. We hope that a clear, consistent mission statement and statement of values may improve Solar Austin's engagement and supporter base.

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May 29, 2020


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Caitlin K.


Hi there! My name is Caitlin. I have four years of communications experience and have worked across the non-profit, public sector, and purpose-driven corporate clients. I am eager to support your organization, please feel free to reach out if you think my experience is a good fit!

What did Caitlin have to offer?

I believe that climate change is one of, if not the, most pressing issue facing our generation. I am passionate about pursuing sustainable and equitable solutions to support the environment. Solar Austin's mission and impactful work in advancing renewable energy, as well as supporting and educating local communities, resonates strongly with me, and I would be happy to support wherever possible! I have four years of communications experience across corporate, non-profit, and public sectors. I regularly complete similar projects that develop and refine core messaging and company identity. I am currently in the process of supporting my own non-profit through this process as well! I would love to put these skills to work for Solar Austin!

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