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Erin P.

NLSM-Elder Law & Advocacy Center

Elder Law & Advocacy Center (ELAC) was established as a department of Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan over 20 years ago and is now the Title IIIB legal services provider for adults ages 60 and older in Wayne County. ELAC, located in the Redford Community Center, was developed to better serve...
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What did Erin need?

To meet our funder requirements we need to provide community education. We have determined that we will only be able to remotely provide services until the virus threat is over due to the high risk nature of our client base.

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May 29, 2020


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Sarah P.


Management consultant based in the Bay Area. Experienced Project and Program Manager with a demonstrated history of working in IT, Pharmaceutical, Aviation & Aerospace, Localization, and Environmental industries. Skilled in strategic planning and analysis, user experience, managing agile teams, s...
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What did Sarah have to offer?

I love that NLSM-Elder Law & Advocacy Center serves and advocates for the elder community. I aim to especially support and uplift organizations that serve communities that may not have the same resources I do and the organization looks like a vital resource for elders, who are unfortunately often a vulnerable group. Especially during the current pandemic, being able to provide information via webinars is a great resource. A few months ago I completed an internal initiative for my own management consulting company (Propeller) on best practices for running webinars, complete with benefits analysis of top webinar platforms. I'd love to share the knowledge and PPT materials from that research and analysis, and share my own experience as part of the user training. My professional background is as a management consultant across several industries, with 8 years of experience in project and program management.

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