See how EG's skills helped 4C'S of Passaic County, Inc. on a Social Media Audit project.

Philomise L.

4C'S of Passaic County, Inc.

"The mission of 4CS of Passaic County, Inc. is to assist families to obtain excellent quality child care that is available, accessible, and affordable." We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, child-care resource and referral organization that administers one of the largest child-care financial subsidy pro...
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What did Philomise need?

We have a primarily young client base and know that they interact heavily on social media, also with covid-19 we are engaging that much more with them online. We have many value resources to share with them and this would be great way to share them. Also this is an easy way for clients to share who we are and the services we offer to family or friends.

Such a great group of people. So easy to work with. Passionate about the work they do. They came into the project eager to learn and ready with specific questions. They have a vision on what they want to achieve with their social media presence ... and it showed. They started implementing thi...
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May 21, 2020


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Having been recently certified - and REcertified - I'm able to help you implement the latest strategies in copywriting and SEO taught by leading industry experts I'm also up-to-date with the May 2020 changes to the Googl

What did EG have to offer?

I've always been heavily invested in volunteering ... sometimes spending more hours on volunteer work than paid work ... from animals and wildlife to LGBTQyouth and even politics at times (more the cause/person than specific political affiliation). So much has changed as a result of the global pandemic ... I was grateful to find CatchAFire through a copywriting colleague of mine. I can now off up my services to organizations in need beyond the previous local reach. The first thing I do with any new client - and even some potential clients - is a cursory audit of their social media accounts as well as aesthetic and technical audits of websites. - Are the platforms optimized and on point with branding? - Are posting they utilizing best practices strategies for posting to organically maximize awareness and engagement? - Are there active, engaging accounts on the platforms best suited their target audience? These are just a few of the considerations when compiling a social media audit.

EG O. is a wealth of social media management information who was readily available to discuss our project and share her expertise. She was enthusiastic and very much engaged and invested in the project.. I look forward to working with her again in this capacity. It was our pleasure working with...
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Philomise L.

Volunteer Manager

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