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Maria G.

American Alpine Club

To share and support our passion for climbing and respect for the places we climb.

What did Maria need?

We just had to furlough 20% of our organization. Quite a few of those folks were in our marketing department. I'm looking for help to create compelling stories in the time of Covid-19 to encourage support.

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May 21, 2020


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Jessica J.


Hello my name is Jess Jenkins I am a passionate climber who loves the outdoors and tries her best to live each day with a smile I have been climbing for 10 years and am in love with the beautiful places has & will take me along with the beautiful people I have met so far along the way Currently I...
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What did Jessica have to offer?

I am passionate about helping illustrate to the public the importance of the work performed by your organization writing about all of the great people involved and those well-known individuals who help protect the public lands all of us climbers love I believe the work that your organization along with your partners pursue wholeheartedly is important for the future of public access climbing area health and much more I would love to be a part of the team that helps to educate and inspire the public to take action. More samples of my writing upon request. I have 3 years of freelance digital marketing experience including writing blogs, social media management, and design. I have been writing personally and as a hobby for many years before that. My writing background encompasses multiple subjects, tones, and target markets. These subjects consist of but are not limited to fitness-related blogs, counseling topics, poems, personal narratives, technical/research-based, and company mission/backstories. I am very personable and look forward to interviewing, analyzing, and creating compelling stories for the AAC. Always looking to show how the written word brings insight, creates change, and can tell a story.

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