See how Sidney's skills helped Delegazione Europea per l'Agricoltura Familiare in Asia, Africa e America Latina (DEAFAL ONG) on a Pricing Strategy project.

Enrica L.

Delegazione Europea per l'Agricoltura Familiare in Asia, Africa e America Latina (DEAFAL ONG)

Deafal's vision Regenerate soil to regenerate societies. Social and natural communities evolve through the recognition of human dignity and the harmonic interaction between rural and urban areas. Our mission National and International Cooperation: diversity as an asset and exchange of experi...
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What did Enrica need?

With our current economic approach, we are unable to respond to the needs of the various targets that contact us, thus losing many potential customers. Consequently we are unable to generate a sustainable economic cycle for our reality, that allows us to grow, involve and pay full-time (or part-time) a sufficient number of technicians to respond to all the requests received. As we cannot permanently hire the technicians, we are unable to internalize our strategic skills

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May 22, 2020


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Sidney W.


Master in Business Administration with excellent written and oral communication skills. Strong analytical thinker with science and technology background, passionate about development with 4 year's experience in education sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. Adaptable, resilient, and steadfastly patient ...
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What did Sidney have to offer?

I am passionate about helping organizations set themselves up for success, especially in the current crisis with COVID. Particularly I am passionate about food security through sustainable agriculture and would love to help this organization succeed. I have proven experience in strategy analysis, research, and financial modeling projects for social impact organizations at both a grassroots and corporate level. Most recently I worked on a flexible pricing strategy for a start-up organization analyzing both top-down and bottom-up pricing models for break-even and growth scenarios. These pricing models were validated through analysis of competitors and further aligned with marketing strategy to ensure cohesion across all parts of the company.

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