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Mary Lynn D.

Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance

The Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MIOCA) strives to save lives by promoting the early detection of ovarian cancer and improved treatment outcomes. MIOCA raises awareness of ovarian cancer, provides resources and support to survivors and their families, advocates both locally and federally, ed...
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What did Mary need?

While most people are focused on Coronavirus, women and girls are still dying of ovarian cancer. We need to make sure we remained focused on our cause and find new and innovative ways to achieve our mission. As we transition to a new virtual structure, is critical that we have the tools and structure to collaborate effectively.

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Mar 25, 2020


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Isabel K.


I am a designer currently working at Fannie Mae, who loves to find the most effective, beautiful way to present information. I also have prior experience in Instructional Design at a small startup in DC working in the international development space. I am always looking for new opportunities to e...
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What did Isabel have to offer?

I am looking to volunteer to help organizations affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in any way I can for these few weeks when we are all stuck inside. Happy to share whatever knowledge I can provide! Hi there! I am a designer experienced in remote work at all the organizations I have worked at and have extensive experience using tools like Slack, Google apps, Microsoft Office Suite, Skype, Webex, and others. I would be happy to give you an orientation to any of the tools your staff may be unfamiliar with and give you some best practices for remote work depending on your goals and pre-existing workflow.

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