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Diana B.

Phoenixville Area Time Bank

Phoenixville Area Time Bank is a non-profit organization that enhances people-to-people support to build a fully inclusive, resilient community through a local service exchange network.

What did Diana need?

It is important that our members understand what has been going on behind the scenes to inspire them to join in and contribute to even more success.

I enjoyed working with Diana and I loved all of the feedback, the whole process and I am thanking you and them for providing me this opportunity! I am very glad they liked my work too!
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Svetlana T.


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Mar 20, 2020


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Svetlana T.


I am a self taught artist, graphic designer, programmer, writer, translator, but my teachers are mostly YouTube, edX, Codecademy, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud and of course, Google... and lots of other apps. Also I'm funny.

What did Svetlana have to offer?

I am. I want to share my experience and knowledge with the world as, Martin Luther King said: Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?', which I take very seriously. You can take a look at my works shown below, as words don't speak, actions do! right? P.S. gd stands for graphic design :) If taken the look to my profile and all of my experiences, I can proudly say I could help you with presenting the Information with good/professional design and beautiful/understandable graphs/excels/power point presentations if needed.

Oh my! How can I explain how utterly encouraging and inspiring it was to see 2 pages of dense text transform into a 3 minute video?? From our first conversation when Svetlana asked about doing an animation to the finished product, we were aligned. She worked quickly and made modifications to fit...
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Diana B.

Volunteer Manager

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