See how Earl's skills helped Wonder Universe: A children's museum on an Employee Handbook project.

Britni A.

Wonder Universe: A children's museum

Wonder Universe educate, amuses, and inspires children and families through play.

What did Britni need?

We currently have a handbook that does not specifically address some of the issues that have come up for our employees and management staff. We are looking to avoid further issues with a clear and concise handbook to reference.

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Feb 14, 2020


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Earl C.


Accomplished and innovative safety and human resources professional in construction and industrial fields with a diverse record of accomplishments and experience: * Proven track record in developing and implementing programs to address safety productivity and cost control concerns * Pro-active pr...
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What did Earl have to offer?

I like being helpful. Let me know if I can assist with this effort. Over 20 years in HR including a number of handbook re-writes, both for current employers as well as Catchafire projects.

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