See how Ben's skills helped United Methodist Neighborhood Centers, Inc. on a Prospect Research project.

Gloria D.

United Methodist Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

"We are God's people empowering inner-city youth and families to lead responsible lives by providing discipleship, education, and leadership development."

What did Gloria need?

We are in the research phases for a new program and this project will help us create a solid foundation for an afterschool program for at-risk high school students.

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Feb 14, 2020


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Ben C.


I conduct research and evaluation projects in the Centre for International Education at the UK's National Foundation for Educational Research. I have designed and run randomized controlled trials, qualitative fieldwork, large-n surveys, and data analysis. I lead capacity building programs and pol...
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What did Ben have to offer?

One of my goals for 2020 was to find ways to volunteer for good organizations no matter where I am -- since I do a lot of travel for work, often internationally, it's hard to volunteer in person. For this particular project, I have a lot of experience doing literature reviews. I also have spent a fair bit of time researching funders. A lot of my professional work is focused on helping social programs maximize their positive results, so the chance to help inform the design or thinking behind this after-school program is right up my alley! I am a professional researcher for education projects. I work freelance for the leading educational research institution in the UK, the National Foundation for Educational Research. For more than a decade I was a professor at Seattle University in the US, where I founded a research and teaching institute dedicated to improving educational opportunities in disadvantaged communities.

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