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Donney J.

NOVA Scripts Central Inc.

Working to improve the health of the community by empowering patients to take charge of their health and eliminating barriers to care.

What did Donney need?

Having white board animation videos we can better tell our story to potential new donors and clients we can serve. Our organization helps to make a difference in the community through a variety of different ways. These new videos will help us better engage with folks online and tell our story.

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Feb 13, 2020


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Ian Z.


Have you ever seen suffering and not acted? I have. As a designer, one way I can turn seeing into helping is by helping to solve problems close to home using creativity and grit. I'm especially interested in using technology and my voice to improve healthcare and bear witness to injustice.

What did Ian have to offer?

I'm inspired by your mission. Having suffered from a neurological condition (vestibular migraines), I know first-hand the impact of not having medication. I want to help people whose poverty marginalizes them from getting great healthcare. I also want to make a local impact (I live in Arlington). I'm currently helping Fairfax County Park Authority create compelling educational videos. I also have a special interest in solving healthcare problems. For example, I'm designing an app with the Code for Baltimore team so that Baltimore can better help its elderly. Humility is also critical to designing well and my AIGA DC mentorship taught me the value of getting feedback early and often to expose creative blind spots. I love hearing other people's stories and taking things that are complex and jargon-filled and making them easily digestible.

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