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Valerie R.

Birch Community Services, Inc.

Providing a community where people can be responsible and accountable for their own basic needs and equipping them with tools to overcome financial difficulty.

What did Valerie need?

As you know, the website is the face of any organization! Our organization has many pieces, and it's critical that many different parties can find the information they need. We provide food and financial education to families in need, but we also provide food and products to other nonprofit agencies! We need to make sure the information for both these populations is clear and easy to navigate!

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Jan 14, 2020


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Tim S.


I am a Designer based out of Chicago who focuses on UI/UX and Human-Centered Design. I also have strengths in branding strategy, advertising, and illustration. Using thorough research and understanding, I look to create empathy-driven solutions to complex and wicked problems.

What did Tim have to offer?

I have a deep interest in using human-centered design to help improve the life and experience of others. Having gone through the site, mission, and stories of Birch Community Service, I believe I can help to empower community and your organization's site to adhere to your mission. I have 4 years experience in the design field and previous projects involving community enrichment. Along with this, I have Wordpress and coding (HTML,CSS,Javascript) experience, with my current portfolio site being Wordpress as well. I would be happy to help design and work together.

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