See how Hugh's skills helped Power for People on an Excel-Based Accounting System project.

Michael S.

Power for People

To accelerate the UK's transition to 100% renewable energy and to ensure that local communities benefit from this great transition.

What did Michael need?

Power for People does not currently employ an accounting expert, so this project will allow us to ensure we are following best practice in charity finance. The training will also allow us to manage our accounts as efficiently as possible, saving precious time and money.

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Dec 3, 2019


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Hugh R.


I am a qualified accountant and have worked at Deloitte for 4 years, initially in audit and now in a department that offers start-ups and SMEs cloud accounting services and advice. I am a passionate sports fan, particularly golf, football and cricket and play hockey for a South West London si...
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What did Hugh have to offer?

Renewable energy is a key aspect of the fight to combat climate change and so this idea of bringing energy creation to local communities is a great one. Not only will it reduce the amount of fossil fuel consumption but also stimulate local economies. I would love to help and part of this project! I have 4 years of experience in accounting and finance and have a handful of clients who use excel for their accounting function currently. This task sounds almost exactly similar to my current job, helping set up processes and explaining the steps require to comply with HMRC etc and so I believe I have all the skills necessary to help you with this.

Hugh was very helpful in helping us set up our PAYE.
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Michael S.

Volunteer Manager

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