See how Susan's skills helped Northwest Michigan Health Services Inc on a Copyediting project.

Gwen W.

Northwest Michigan Health Services Inc

Northwest Michigan Health Services is dedicated to providing quality healthcare through a wide range of health services to the people in our communities, always serving with dignity and compassion.

What did Gwen need?

We have identified an urgent need for 2 pieces of equipment that will really improve our quality of care - but we've never sent an appeal letter before and would like help with wording it and figuring out the design. This will help us to know what to do next year too!

This was a great deal of fun. Gwen is a consummate professional and between us, we made the outcome of this project unique. Gwen took on a load of 'fiddly' work to achieve the final product but it was worth every second because it turned out so very special and I feel sure the recipients will be ...
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Susan P.


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Dec 3, 2019


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Susan P.


A senior and extremely experienced researcher, writer, data analysis expert and creative (strategies, taglines, script work et. al.) Particular expertise in working remotely. Taught creative writing and broader education courses at University level. An educator at other levels. Worked rese...
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What did Susan have to offer?

I also would like you to be able to purchase those two equipment items. Let's work together to make that happen. Gwen, I would be happy to help you. I do have the skills and know donor letters need a sound, distinctive voice. I'm in Australia so we would need to talk via Skype if you would like an interview.

Susan could not have been more encouraging and supportive as we worked to do our first donor solicitation card project. I am wowed by her level of expertise and creativity! I am truly appreciative.
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Gwen W.

Volunteer Manager

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