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Diana B.

Phoenixville Area Time Bank

Phoenixville Area Time Bank is a non-profit organization that enhances people-to-people support to build a fully inclusive, resilient community through a local service exchange network.

What did Diana need?

We are transitioning leadership and developing strategies to make our organization more sustainable. This includes being able to generate membership levels that can cover basic expenses and some paid staffing. An engaged membership will also generate more positive impact stories that will help us with recognition and desire to join.

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Dec 2, 2019


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Jeff B.


Hello, My name is Jeff Boyce. I am an experienced leader in the technology sector. I have managed sales teams from as small as 6 to operations as large as 100+. I have been blessed to have been exposed to many situations throughout my professional career that I believe will benefit many organi...
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What did Jeff have to offer?

I was moved the moment I saw the picture My wife is a lifelong sewer and quilter - so much so that she has taken her hobby into the work place and represents all of the major brands as a sales professional I dont' know the exact connection that sewing has with your organization - but if it does you will have two people helping you Myself - a career level executive sales professional and my wife a life long hobbyist and salesperson of high end sewing and quilting machines We look forward to your reply and good luck! My background has enabled me to be engaged with large/complex companies as well as small and medium sized businesses. I have helped large retail operations improve their membership programs with technology solutions. I have familiarity with loyalty programs and understand the connection that such a program can bring an organization. I would welcome the opportunity to be considered to help you.

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