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Jenifer W.

Children First for Oregon

Children First for Oregon (CFFO) is a statewide, nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower communities to advocate for kids so all children in Oregon can thrive. CFFO works across the state to galvanize community support for children and inform decision makers about the solutions kids ne...
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What did Jenifer need?

We are seeking to form a statewide force for the common good of all kids across the state and need professional board documents for our desired statewide reach.

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Dec 2, 2019


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Yvette W.


I have an independent practice advising multi-national organizations on cultivating an optimal employee experience. My job allows me to meet with people with different cultures all around the Americas. Loving what I do for living, I'm thankful for the opportunity offered by Catchafire to contribu...
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What did Yvette have to offer?

The specificity of your 2019 priorities is admirable; I'd feel privileged to be able to contribute to the cause. Thanks, Yvette As an HR Consultant, clearly defined roles and responsibilities are the basic elements for designing an effective organization. See a job description example attached.


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