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Alexis W.

Latino Community Foundation of Colorado

LCFC's mission is to work hand in hand with our diverse communities to create culturally responsive strategies that build influence, equity and opportunity for all Latino Coloradans.

What did Alexis need?

The Forum is a statewide event for Latinos in Colorado. This 200+ person event is open to all Colorado Latinos and we work to make it accessible to anyone, including providing childcare, gas cards for geographically isolated individuals, and more. The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado would like to make segments of the event available on YouTube/Facebook/etc in order to be more accessible to our statewide community & Latinos outside of the state

I am really glad to have had the opportunity to support this organization. Through this project, I got an inside look into some of the great work they're doing, specifically an event they hosted for the Colorado Latino community, geared towards storytelling & civic engagement. I found the speaker...
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Katherine T.


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Dec 2, 2019


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Katherine T.


I'm a mixed race filmmaker from the SF Bay Area. I've been working in various forms of media storytelling since 2010. For me, making films is a way to reclaim my voice my identity and my experience as a woman of color after years of seeing people like me misrepresented in movies. I have an MFA in...
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What did Katherine have to offer?

I'm a half-Latina filmmaker and I am very passionate using storytelling, video & film as a way of sharing our narratives and personal experiences with the world. The Telling our Story Forum seems like a really cool event that I would have loved to attend. I'd be honored to help shape the footage for online audiences. Thanks! Hi Alexis, Thanks for requesting me for this job. I am a freelance editor with proficiency in both English and Spanish, and I've been editing videos for various nonprofits via catchafire for the past few months. I love the opportunity to help out organizations whose values I believe in. I have my own editing software & can work from home. You can see some of my previous projects / client reviews on my page. Thanks!

Katherine was a wonderful partner for this project! My organization had a video project that deviated from the standard Catchafire apps and was more robust and more complicated in some ways. Katherine dove in, completed all elements as requested and was even proactive when necessary in order to m...
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Alexis W.

Volunteer Manager


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