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Shaghayegh C.

Aggregate Space Gallery

ASG programming stands out because of our drive to provide emerging and mid-career artists with opportunities to take great risks and, in so doing, engage viewers in new and dramatic ways.

What did Shaghayegh need?

As the organization is in transition and moving to a new potential space, it is super essential for us, to be able to introduce the organization to potential donors, board members, partners, and new audiences.

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Dec 2, 2019


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rhonda f.


Hi! IN addition to 20 years of coaching I have just completed a Masters in Executive Leadership I believe that everyone should be a powerful empowered leader- even (or especially) in their own lives! A leader is someone who is self aware , knows their values and the values of their organization a...
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What did rhonda have to offer?

As an artist myself, to have the space to nurture, perform or exhibit my--or any--art/music, etc. is dear to my heart and should be encouraged! Developing mission and vision statements, and shrinking them down to a profound, effective pitch is a specialty of mine that I have been developing over 20+ years. Organizations are so passionate about what they do, they sometimes lose sight of the fact that not everyone understands the significance of what the organization is about and trying to accomplish. I am presently working with an ED in Italy on channeling her passion and profound caring into a crafted pitch she can use to communicate with donors and those outside her pervue.

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