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Kimberly E.

The South Fork Conservancy Incorporated

South Fork Conservancy restores and connects the tributaries of Peachtree Creek through the creation of creekside nature trails.

What did Kimberly need?

If we don't publicize these events, no one will be aware of all of our hard-won successes.

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May 29, 2019


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Patrick W.


Chicago-based communications professional with expertise in blogging, social media management and photography/video production for a non-profit conservation organization.

What did Patrick have to offer?

Hi South Fork Conservancy, This seems like right in my wheelhouse and I'm happy to help. Earned Media and PR are part of my responsibilities at Openlands in Chicago. We're a nonprofit land trust. I am the communications manager for a Chicago-based land trust.

Patrick is able to find the heart of a story and write compelling copy which makes every project shine!
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Kimberly E.

Volunteer Manager

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