See how Boriana's skills helped EdPowerment Inc. on a Website Update project.

Moira M.

EdPowerment Inc.

EdPowerment Inc. creates educational paths for neglected adolescents, teenagers, and villagers who otherwise have no way to gain critical skills needed for advancement. Through a fully internet-capable community learning center that uses active and motivational classroom strategies, a long-term ...
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What did Moira need?

The website serves as the main reference tool when we are seeking new donors or when our current donors refer others to support our organization. It also presents our non-profit to the world as a thoughtful, organic, goal-oriented organization that is able to deliver on its mission.

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Nov 6, 2018


Boriana A.


I'm passionate about using technology to build communities! I'd like to enable non-profits to reach and grow their communities by implementing the best technology for their organization. I have eight years hands-on experience building websites, marketing strategy and branding, setting up accoun...
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What did Boriana have to offer?

I'm passionate about education. My wife is a professor and and am a librarian working at a college. I love learning and would be thrilled to be able to assist in my small way with your mission. The work you do looks incredibly valuable. Hello! I would love to help you update your site. As a web developer I focus on building sites that load extremely quickly, are easy to use, and feature spacious (non-cramped) designs. While many small organizations like to use Wordpress, and WP is certainly a great tool, I like to build something called static sites which load quickly and are more secure. The editing process for you in the future, to change text and images, is as simple as editing text files. I would provide detailed instructions. Have a good day!

Boriana was instrumental in suggesting a new way to present my organization, both through a better site map and on the individual program/content pages. She listened carefully to what I was trying to achieve overall through the site, as well as in describing the individual projects. Her suggestio...
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Moira M.

Volunteer Manager

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