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Millicent G.

East Palo Alto Senior Center Inc.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of seniors to ensure their equal access to social, economic and political systems in a safe, nurturing and secure environment. The role that the seniors play in human service, leadership, education and as the keepers of our history is invaluable t...
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What did Millicent need?

The letter should be designed to be informative about the senior services, classes, and enjoyable social activities provided at the Senior Center. Increased awareness will generate additional participation, and desperately needed income to cover increased costs. It should include images of a culturally diverse and need-based community of less fortunate seniors including shut-ins. Initially, a hard copy will be mailed USPS to individuals from a data base, and include a organization brochure. The letter includes examples of senior benefits for various donation amount levels, eg. $20 donation will provide 4 breakfasts to seniors; $50 donation provides 10 breakfasts.

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Nov 12, 2018


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Patricia P.


Digital marketing strategist with extensive experience improving the visibility, growth of revenue, and customer acquisition/retention efforts in large enterprise and startup environments Areas of focus: Digital and interactive marketing, content creation, social media marketing, customer acqu...
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What did Patricia have to offer?

I'm passionate about working with the East Palo Alto Senior Center, Inc. as I strongly believe in honoring the lives of our elders. Having known individuals who are caretakers to those with an Alzheimer's disease and/or dementia diagnosis, I understand the toll these ailments can take - particularly on the patients themselves. I'd like to do anything I can to help lengthen a senior's life and allow them to not only survive longer, but to thrive longer. As a marketer, I effectively understand the importance of content and storytelling. When used effectively, marketing content can educate, inform, inspire, and encourage individuals to take action. The marketing materials I've created throughout my 20-year career have done just that. Specifically, during my time at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, the marketing materials I've created have successfully educated patients, caretakers, and healthcare providers alike. The materials have also instilled a sense of brand identity allowing for a strengthened reputation among the community. Please see my resume for more details on my background and experience.

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