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Kevin C.
Board Member and Head of Marketing/PR group
Jugal S
Jugal S.
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Jun 24, 2018
Hours Given
2 Hours
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What did North Light Community Center want to talk about?

I'd like some help with setting up a text/SMS to donate platform (Ex. Twilio) that integrates with Donor Perfect, so we can utilize existing donor base. I need technical support to complete.

Additional Context

This person would be able to answer any questions and guide the integration of the SMS/Text based platform and Donor Perfect. I can explain more in the call.

Thanks, Kevin

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Kevin C.
Board Member and Head of Marketing/PR group
Final Product
Phone Consultation
Cause Areas
Human Services
Youth Development
North Light Community Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

What did Jugal have to offer?

Backend software engineer looking to help organizations with their sw dev needs and sharpen my skills in the process. I have a passion for automation and enjoy learning new things.

Professionally, I work on NodeJS APIs written in TypeScript and JavaScript, and on automation projects. I have experience with various cloud and database technologies.

Information Technology
  • Experience with technical systems and ability to provide advice over the phone
Jugal S
Jugal S.
Dayton, NJ, USA

About North Light Community Center

Our Mission is to enable people of all ages and abilities in our communities, especially those most in need, to reach their full potential as productive and responsible citizens through initiatives that support and enrich children, teens, and families.

Our vision is to support and strengthen our diverse neighborhoods by meeting the evolving needs of individuals and families. We work to develop the whole person from educating to providing sustenance, and thus, cultivate a vibrant community.
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Fun Fact

This is the 4th project posted by North Light Community Center.

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