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Linda F
Linda F.
Development Coordinator
Jim S
Jim S.
Matched on
Jun 25, 2018
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20 Hours
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What did HOPE Coalition need?

Jim helped HOPE Coalition create a well-structured presentation that highlights the mutual value of partnering with the organization for prospective corporations or organizations.

Why is this project important?

HOPE has a vision of breaking the generational cycles that drive child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and homelessness. We have tried several small in-house pilot projects to see what works for our clients. We have good data to show results. Now we want to implement these new projects on a year-long basis and need funding to do it. We would like to target Hasbro, Panasonic and title Boxing, as these were our tools. Without sponsors for these projects, we do not have enough funds through general donations to make it happen. We believe we could lead the state.

This project will save us $4,828, allowing us to Implement several program projects that have shown positive (and fast) results for our clients, which we believe will generate very positive publicity for sponsors.

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Linda F
Linda F.
Development Coordinator
Final Product
Written Materials
Cause Areas
Human Services
Housing & Homelessness
Violence Prevention
HOPE Coalition
Red Wing, Minnesota, USA

What did Jim have to offer?

I am an engineer determined and passionate for opportunities where I can capitalize on and apply my skills, expertise, and knowledge to make positive change!

Business Development
  • Experience selling products/services & delivering pitch decks
  • Experience crafting professional presentation materials
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
Jim S
Jim S.
Nelson, Canada

What did they have to say?

Jim was a great asset. Easy to work with , interested and does fine work.

Linda F

Linda F.

Development Coordinator

About HOPE Coalition

HOPE's mission is to empower lives through hope, offering support and advocacy to anyone affected by child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and homelessness.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

We are a small NP, but have ambitious plans that could create a positive systems change for victims of violence. We don't work in a fun or funny environment, but we are using "Improv" games to teach clients needed skills and that is very funny!

This is the 2nd project posted by HOPE Coalition.

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