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See how Dale K. helped A Fresh Chapter on a Storytelling project

Terri W
Terri W.
Dale K
Dale K.
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Jun 13, 2018
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15 Hours
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What did A Fresh Chapter need?

Dale helped A Fresh Chapter enhance their annual reports, grant applications, and other marketing materials with compelling narratives about their organization’s mission, activities, and achievements.

Why is this project important?

It's been five years since our first tribe of cancer patients and survivors stepped beyond their stories of cancer to volunteer in India. Since, then more than 140 participants have joined A Fresh Chapter for life-changing experiences in India, South Africa, Peru, Costa Rica, and the U.S. Now, as part of our 5-year anniversary celebration, we are creating an Anthology of AFC Stories of Transformation. We are seeking a talented writer to join our team and help us create compelling content, which will be part of our year-end fundraising campaign.

This project will save us $2,397, allowing us to fund more scholarships for people financially and emotionally devastated by cancer.

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Final Product
Written Materials
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Human Services
Community & Economic Development
International Affairs
A Fresh Chapter
Calabasas, California, USA

What did Dale have to offer?

A creative communicator and storyteller for print and video in corporate and entertainment settings. Whether writing an article, an ad, a game, or a video, the process is the same: study the goals, know the audience, and design communications that engage and connect.

  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Familiarity with narrative storytelling
  • Ability to conduct interviews, synthesize information and craft stories for marketing purposes
Dale K
Dale K.
None, USA

What did they have to say?

Dale was a pleasure to work with. He has an eye for story, did a wonderful job connecting with our alumni regarding their cancer stories and I would welcome an opportunity to collaborate with Dale again!

Terri W

About A Fresh Chapter

Our mission is to heal the emotional scars of cancer through volunteerism, meaningful travel and programs designed to reframe adversity and redefine what's possible
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

AFC believes our stories are so much bigger than the adversities we face. We love creating opportunities for people to use their unique gifts and talents to make a positive impact on the world.

This is the 16th project posted by A Fresh Chapter.

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