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Audie P.

Wild Salmon Center

Wild Salmon Center is the leading group working to protect the strongest wild salmon rivers around the entire North Pacific.

What did Audie need?

Wild Salmon Center is looking for someone to create a custom design we can use for a Buff. We're looking for a buff design that has an illustration of a bear's face with a sockeye salmon hanging in it's mouth. Preferably oriented on the buff so that when you pull it up to cover your face the bear's mouth appears. We would use this product to help fundraise for our work to protect Bristol Bay in Alaska, the world's most iconic salmon stronghold.

Fantastic! Love the work that Wild Salmon Center is doing, great people to work with.
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Sarah K.


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Mar 13, 2018


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Sarah K.


I am an Illustrator from the UK and have been living in BC since 2011. When not creating and drawing I spend my time surfing, hiking and snowboarding.

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Sarah is incredibly talented and was a delight to work with.
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Audie P.

Volunteer Manager

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