See how Bob's skills helped United Way of Northern New Jersey on a Brand Messaging project.

Liz W.

United Way of Northern New Jersey

United Way of Northern New Jersey is a thriving regional entity serving the communities of its founding members. With a renewed purpose, all of our work to build stronger northern New Jersey communities is focused on improving life for ALICE - our neighbors who are Asset Limited, Income Constrain...
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What did Liz need?

We have a portfolio of services we offer to schools that have developed over the years Our work is now 10 years old and feel need to re-visit the branding. We are confusing to the external world! Additional Context We are formal partnership between two organizations - a community organization and a college. We started out with our own logos front and center. However as the Initiative has grown we now feel the School Culture and Climate Initiative needs to take center stage. We also have family of supports and resources that need to be brought under the same umbrella.

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Feb 16, 2018


Bob M.


I'm a brand marketing expert, accomplished story-teller, executive speechwriter and coach with decades of experience helping organizations and people tell compelling stories. Volunteering on Catchafire has been a great way for me to share my experience while learning about amazing causes and th...
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What did Bob have to offer?

United Way of NNJ and I have agreed to work on this Brand Messaging project United Way of NNJ and I have agreed to work on this Brand Messaging project

Bob was amazing to work with - patient, kind, engaged and very willing to share his expertise as he guided us through our messaging process. He helped us understand our own work better and we were able to learn from his wide range of experiences and knowledge of how both corporate and not -for -p...
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Liz W.

Volunteer Manager

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