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Solome T.

Anxiety In Teens

Anxiety In Teens' Mission: helping youth with mental health issues & their families get information, inspiration and community through online presence and offline events featuring education, refuge and connection. Our vision: Comfort and certainty at every young adults' fingertips.

What did Solome need?

We host an expressive writing program each season with young adults with mental health issues and we've piloted a lightweight version of the program with nearly 300 young adults to date. Based on positive participant feedback each season we believe we have the opportunity to formalize and grow this new expressive writing modality. That being said, we need some significant startup funding to higher the personnel to get it off the ground. While we are a 501c3 non-profit we've never applied for outside funding before and we need help navigating where to look, and how to successfully win.

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Jan 29, 2018


Melanie W.


I have spent 20+ years in communications and storytelling. My background is in proposals, marketing, business development, public relations, content development and knowledge management. I believe the most important aspects of writing are: persuasion (support your statements with compelling evide...
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What did Melanie have to offer?

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I couldn't be more thrilled to have been matched with Melanie, an incredible match! I am so grateful for her support and expertise. It has made such a difference for Anxiety In Teens. Her encouragement, ideas and willingness to help has been overwhelming and I'm truly filled with so much gratitud...
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Solome T.

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