See how Alessio's skills helped United Way of Northern New Jersey on a Data Crunching & Analytics project.

Liz W.

United Way of Northern New Jersey

United Way of Northern New Jersey is a thriving regional entity serving the communities of its founding members. With a renewed purpose, all of our work to build stronger northern New Jersey communities is focused on improving life for ALICE - our neighbors who are Asset Limited, Income Constrain...
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What did Liz need?

The success of our organization depends on taking our data and making it understandable to others. Without your help, we cannot show the impact of our work and continue to help kids thrive. Your skills will empower us to influence many other decisionmakers & help many more schools.

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Dec 18, 2017


Alessio C.


I am a highly experienced Data Analyst and Data Warehouse Management I can support your organisation with understanding developing CRM System, interpreting and analysing data you require for your organisation.

What did Alessio have to offer?

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