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Michael T.

Regional Theatre Of the Palouse

Promoting the Arts and Arts Education through quality theatre.

What did Michael need?

Who is best suited to do what organizational tasks? What role positions are still missing from our team? How can we ensure standards are met in a timely manner?

Michael Todd was wonderful to work with, as was RTOP's Executive Director, John Rich, and the other members of his team and board. Their theater is already successful and I greatly admire Michael's diligence in staying on top of managing the theater, being responsive to his staff's needs, and bei...
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Carrie V.


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Sep 7, 2017


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Carrie V.


I partner with leaders to move past blocks and increase their energy and leadership levels so they can achieve the goals they feel most passionate about quicker and with less stress. I’m a Certified Professional Coach and also have expertise in helping organizations encourage engagement and innov...
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What did Carrie have to offer?

Already working together.

Thank you for taking time to discuss an organizational strategy with me. You brought up some amazing points and I greatly appreciate your insight. Thank you, too, for joining our board meeting today. Your insight was well received. We continued discussing how to tailor what you explained to our u...
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Michael T.

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