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Amelia P.


SOMO is the root of a Swahili word meaning "lesson". We are called SOMO because we all have lessons to learn from each other. Visionary entrepreneurs exist in informal settlements around the world. SOMO identifies, trains, funds, and mentors entrepreneurs looking to drive social change by buil...
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What did Amelia need?

The Somo Project invests in impact entrepreneurs and provides the training and tools to help them build enterprises that change their communities from within. In order to help our entrepreneurs effectively market their businesses we need to help them create logos and other branding material.

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Jan 31, 2017


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Paula S.


The opportunity to give back through design is something that I greatly cherish. I am free to fulfill graphic design needs including, but not limited to: brochures, one-pagers, simple website, branding & logo development, event promotion, print advertising, etc.

What did Paula have to offer?

The Somo Project's dedication to community driven work is inspiring. By listening to community members, you are able to provide both aid in a lasting way. I would love an opportunity to help! Identity design is such an excellent way to get to know the heart of an organization. I have 2 years experience creating logos from start to finish. In addition, I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and use it on a daily basis.


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