See how Christine's skills helped Big Brothers Big Sisters on an Earned Income Plan project.

Bill C.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Changing perspectives. Changing lives. As the nation's largest volunteer supported mentoring network, we make meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers and children ages 6 through 18. We develop positive relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young peo...
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What did Bill need?

The success of our organization depends on a good fundraising year. Without your help, we cannot organize our Development Team effecitively. Your skills will empower us to implement our strategic fundraising plan.

It was a privilege to assist with this project. Bill was highly engaged and made himself available despite his incredibly busy schedule. I was able to fully utilize my expertise, including my writing ability; I was a "happy camper". Much appreciation was expressed all along the way. Big Broth...
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Christine F.


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Jan 26, 2017


Christine F.


Nonprofit work feeds my soul; I love that my experience and skills can not only be fully utilized, but also help others. Whether it's direct services, managing an organization, or consulting, being part of the solution to the world's challenges is wonderful. I have over 25 years of nonprofit ...
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What did Christine have to offer?

I have immense respect for BBBS. So mission-focused, such thoughtful program expansion, wonderfully effective marketing. Bravo! After managing a mentoring program for high risk youth, I have an increased appreciation for all that BBBS accomplishes. When I am especially excited about a project, my brain kicks into overdrive. This has happened as I visited the website and read the information from Catchafire. I believe I can assist, and would be proud to be chosen todo so. Especially since 2008, nonprofits have needed to become more agile and innovative in multi-pronged fundraising. High value returns are the results of well-planned, well-analyzed for risk/reward, and designed for “biggest bang for the buck” strategies. Resource development is my forte. At one organization, I networked within the film industry and “shopped” our building (old and interesting) for movie shoots. Highly lucrative! This illustrates creativity and innovation on my part. My brainstorming on your behalf has already helped me generate possible solutions, which I hope to share.

Christine was excellent! She was smart and very easy to work with. She has made a difference for our kiddos.
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Bill C.

Volunteer Manager

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