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Reginald J.

The Willowbrook Inclusion Network

Mission Statement To secure a dynamic and sustainable future for the Willowbrook community and its individual members through youth development, job readiness, and civic engagement.

What did Reginald need?

The success of our organization depends on community Education and Civic Engagement. Without your help, we cannot accurately take advantage of community stakeholders. Your skills will empower us to identify willing champions and supporters.

Anything that empowers individuals and communities gets my vote, and this organization is doing just that.
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Christine F.


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Jan 30, 2017


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Christine F.


Nonprofit work feeds my soul; I love that my experience and skills can not only be fully utilized, but also help others. Whether it's direct services, managing an organization, or consulting, being part of the solution to the world's challenges is wonderful. I have over 25 years of nonprofit ...
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What did Christine have to offer?

You are based in LA (my old stomping grounds). There is so much hope for empowerment and community advancement in your mission. By reaching out for help, you have exhibited humility, which I very much respect. Your profile and request keeps drawing me back, with interest. This project resonates with me. I look forward to planting seeds that will allow you all to celebrate ever-increasing success. In both traditional employment and as a consultant, I have helped organizations establish and improve membership strategies. I have helped create: 1. Low-/No-Cost Member recognition methods; 2. Approaches for maintaining a high level of transparency and inclusion; 3. Marketing and recruitment tactics that activate creativity and innovation; 4. Plans for measuring success, maintaining momentum, and remaining committed to improvement. This requires rigor; you all are very aware of this, as you have reached out through Catchafire for assistance. Yes, it’s rigorous. However, it does not mean it can’t also be enjoyable. I have tested methods to ensure this as well!

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