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Douglas H.

SwingPals, Inc

SwingPals’ mission: to give children who face adversity the opportunity to fully realize their potential and lead confident, productive, enriched lives. By introducing them to golf and securing a mentor for them, we help children develop a passion for golf and learn to play to their potential in...
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What did Douglas need?

We would like to streamline data entry. A contact arriving in Outlook must separately be then entered in SalesForce and then in Constant Contact. Would like to streamline the process.

Douglas, clearly articulated the problem statement (data flow across different software applications). It helped identify quick solutions of integrating Salesforce with outlook. Douglas, was open to new ideas and suggestions as well. Was nice working with him.
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Uma nandhini N.


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Jan 19, 2017


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Uma nandhini N.


I am a Business Analytics Professional, with 15 years of experience in solving a wide variety of marketing & Analytics problems in US and Asia, across the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition, engaging customers and retention. I am passionate about creating real life impact , by creating...
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What did Uma nandhini have to offer?

Hi, I have rich experience in Data Analytics (15 years), so i understand common data issues. I can help you with streamlining data flow across your 3 systems -Outlook, Salesforce and Constant Connect. Uma

Uma was very helpful and I enjoyed speaking with her. She gave me some valuable insights as to how to integrate Outlook with SalesForce. She also gave great suggestions in regards to streamlining some of my operations. She followed up very quickly by emailing resources for me to refer to.
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Douglas H.

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