See how Mackenzie's skills helped Indivisible Nation on a Brand Messaging project.

David L.

Indivisible Nation

Indivisible Nation is a non-profit organization focused on creating a cultural revolution of unity, freedom, and liberty in America. America was founded on a set of ideals, shared by individuals of different backgrounds, and our future success as a nation is directly related to our unified pursui...
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What did David need?

I am looking for help bringing out the key messages of Indivisible Nation, a startup organization with a mission to chart a new course for America that engages people from all backgrounds and perspectives in a collaborative mission to secure every American's right to attain their greatest good. This assistance will help increase the visibility of the organization to bring about cultural transformation on a national scale when our nation needs it most.

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Jan 23, 2017


Mackenzie L.


Hi there, My name is Mackenzie. I grew up in South Florida and attended the University of Virginia where I studied English and US Policies and Government. The past four years I have worked at Reebok, developing their media strategies but also optimizing the digital consumer messaging processe...
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What did Mackenzie have to offer?

As a US politics major, this project is close to my heart. I appreciate what you stand for and agree that the only way to succeed is to work together. I have 4 years of experiences helping rebuild the brand presence of Reebok. We focused a lot on digital and social and who are target audiences were, how they were consuming media and adapted our messaging accordingly. I feel confident I'd be able to help your team develop a message that reflects your brand.

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