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Donna B.


Our mission is to promote tolerance through literature and art. We publish authors of many faiths and cultural backgrounds in order to explore what it means to be humane in today's divisive world.

What did Donna need?

Right now, we have 10,000+ Facebook fans and 14,000+ Twitter followers. We've just started using Instagram. I'd like to boost our platform numbers and have someone take a look at the content of our messaging.

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Jan 19, 2017


Mackenzie L.


Hi there, My name is Mackenzie. I grew up in South Florida and attended the University of Virginia where I studied English and US Policies and Government. The past four years I have worked at Reebok, developing their media strategies but also optimizing the digital consumer messaging processe...
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What did Mackenzie have to offer?

Literature was extremely important to me growing up. I grew up in an extremely religious community and the combination of word and religion is fascinating to me. In college I studied even the placement of words on a page and why and I will always be interested in how words and transpire into more. I have 4 years of experience building Reebok's social media presence in the US Market. I ran the US Media team shortly after so I am fully versed in what paid strategies work and what success looks like.

MacKenzie has excellent experience in social media and shared some of her knowledge with us.
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Donna B.

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