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Sebastian L.

What Took You So Long?

We tell stories. Guerrilla filmmaking takes us to the most remote areas of the world. We look for untold stories and unsung heroes.

What did Sebastian need?

We are making the The world’s first Pop-up Guerrilla Quadcopter-Drone School ; a multi-day workshop where people around the world can learn how to fly, take photos and learn how to shoot magical videos! We need to figure out the structure and what model to implement, this SURVEY will guide us how we can launch this first-of-its-kind Drone School! Check Draft Survey:

Sebastian and his team were an absolute delight to work with and it's an exciting project.
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Ann F.


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Oct 11, 2016


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Ann F.


I've worked with nonprofits on strategic planning, impact assessment, and other longer-term projects. In impact assessment, I've used success case method, appreciative inquiry, regression analysis, pre- and post-testing, and other approaches, depending on the specific program and need. For strate...
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What did Ann have to offer?

It sure seems like what you do can help people better understand and appreciate others and that's a very cool thing to do. I also really like organizations that don't wait to act until a tool is already a known quantity and somebody else has figured out all the pros and cons. I've designed a wide variety of surveys, mostly for the national YMCA headquarters, but also for association volunteer projects. I've got a lot of experience in wording questions to reduce ambiguity, getting as much information out of as few questions as possible, and other survey-fu.

Ann is so funny! She supported our project around our Global Mobile Drone School ( with amazing insights in how to structure questions, how to include incentives and how to drive the questionnaire forward!
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Sebastian L.

Volunteer Manager


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